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Find any product on AliExpress using the image search. Search takes 6-7 seconds.
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Search on any site
The extension works great on all sites - you can easily find a product by picture, anywhere, anytime.
One-click search
The principle at work is very simple: put the cursor on the image, click on the icon and here are the results.
Search in 6-7 seconds
The search for products by image takes 6-7 seconds, during which time the algorithm selects the best matches.
Easy to use
The simplest process a child can understand - no complicated settings, everything is fully automated.
Use product picture
If you have a picture of the product, you can use it for your own search - it's very simple to upload it and get the results.
Find similar products
You can also find similar products that are more favorable, and a wide range of colors - your choice.

What is search by image on AliExpress for?

Alitools aims to simplify the shopping process in the chaotic AliExpress marketplace.
Search for clothes and accessories in the photo

Found an interesting T-shirt, dress or sneakers on the Internet? Does your favorite character wear a cool jacket in the movie? Surely you have already tried to find something similar on AliExpress yourself.

We are sure it turned out to be a difficult and time-consuming task. There is an easier way — select the thing you need in the search by image. Save your time!

Searching for a similar product in another store

Found an interesting product on Amazon, Ebay or any other store? For example, a bathroom rug or a set of professional tools? Surely all this was made in China, which means that this product can be bought on AliExpress for less than on Amazon or Ebay. Buy smart!

Search for a similar product on AliExpress, but cheaper

Found what you were looking for on AliExpress? Are you sure this is the cheapest price? Different sellers sell the same product on AliExpress. Very often the price for the same product can be very different.

Check the product you need through the search by image and find similar products. Make sure you don't overpay!

Searching for anything when you don't know what it's called

There are such things that it is simply not clear how to search, because it is not clear how they are called. Instead of wasting hours on pointless and fruitless searches, use search image. Check it out for yourself — it really works!

Tired of looking for a product on AliExpress in the usual way?
Install Alitools and find products using search by image in 6-7 seconds.
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AliExpress Image Search
Find any product on AliExpress using the image search. Search takes 6-7 seconds.
Price Drop Alert On AliExpress
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Answers to a few frequent questions
What is Aliexpress image search?
Ali Express image search is a feature of the Alitools browser extension. You can use this function to search for an Ali Express product that is pictured in the picture you are interested in.
How to find a product by photo on AliExpress??
In order to find an item by photo on Ali Express install Ali Express extension for your browser. Hover your browser over the image you are interested in. A search icon will appear in the upper right corner of the image/photo. Hover over the icon and click on "Find on Ali Express". Alitools will automatically find products as similar as possible to what is shown in the picture/photo. If necessary, you can highlight a specific product in the image and make a new search for a specific item among Ali Express products.
AliExpress image search - how does it work?
Alitools uploads the imsge/photo that interests you to the server, analyzes the content of the picture, and then Alitools searches the Ali Express product database for products that best match the things in the picture.