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Check the price history of any product - this ensures you shop at the lowest possible prices.
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Price history with AliExpress
A huge database for 96% of products AliExpress offers gives you the ability to analyze the price of any product.
Price history: 3 to 6 months
Store and display a chart of price changes for the past 3 to 6 months. Price history is updated daily.
Support for USD, EUR, and RUB
We support popular currencies. You can always choose the currency you are accustomed to.
2 million users
More than two million monthly users use Alitools when shopping through AliExpress.
Large interactive chart
Display all product price fluctuations on an interactive and intuitive chart.
Accompanying a mini chart
We show a miniature price chart of the product without the unnecessary manipulation and clicks.

Why analyze the price history on AliExpress?

Sellers at Ali Express change the prices of the products every day, and there are millions of them.
Excessive prices

You have found an interesting product and are ready to buy it, but you have doubts as to whether the price of the product is regular, low or overpriced? Alitools makes it easy to check it out.

Open the price graph for 3 or 6 months and you will be able to understand the average price of the product, and more importantly, whether it's overpriced now or not.

Fake discounts

During a sale, products glow with discounts. But often, these discounts turn out to be artificial. For example, the usual price for an item is $10, but before the sale, the seller inflates the price to $18 and then discounts it to $12. This product costs $2 more than the regular price for the sale. Don't fall for a fake discount!

Constant price fluctuations

For a long time you wanted to buy a product and even found a store to buy it from. But every time you find out, the price of a product changes. This is very strange behavior on the part of the seller. Reliable sellers, as a rule, do not often change the price of their products.

The price history chart will help you understand how often the seller has changed the price of a product in the past. You will be able to conclude whether or not to trust or not.

Suspiciously low prices

Accidentally come across a product you're interested in at a very low price? This is something to think about! Some retailers may artificially undercut the prices of their products to get your attention.

We highly recommend that you search for similar items from other sellers. Use Alitools to check the price history of each one of these products. This way you'll quickly see what the average price of an item used to be at other stores. This protects you from dubious purchases at low prices.

Buy at a trusted price with Alitools!
Check the price history of any item to ensure you are getting the right price.
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Answers to a few frequent questions
What is the price history of AliExpress?
The Ali Express price history is a graph that shows the price history of an item on Ali Express on a specific day. In the Alitools extension you can see data for 3 or 6 months.
How do I know the price dynamics of AliExpress?
In order to see price trends, install the Alitools extension. Go to the product you are interested in on AliExpress. Open the "Price History" tab in the widget at the bottom of the page. The extension will automatically show you a graph of the price dynamics for the selected period. You can hover over the graph and see the price for a particular day and compare it to the current price.
How to check discounts on AliExpress?
During the sale period on Ali Express sellers significantly reduce the prices of goods. But unscrupulous sellers' prices remain unchanged or may even be higher. In order to protect yourself from overpriced purchases, it is necessary to check the price history of an Ali Express item. This will help ensure that the discounted price during the sale period is lower than during normal times.
How does the price history of AliExpress work?
Alitools collects the prices of Ali Express items on a daily basis. Based on this data, a price history graph is plotted for each item over 3 or 6 months.