How it works

How Alitools works

Since 2014, Alitools has been collecting information about stores, sellers inside these stores, goods and prices for these goods in all possible (and legal!) ways.

Thanks to this data, Alitools can show reliable seller ratings on AliExpress, price history for most AliExpress products, search for similar products (including search by image), and show real user reviews. You can find a complete list of Alitools features here.

Alitools provides its capabilities on many platforms: browser extension, website, mobile application. Alitools delivers quality and proven data regardless of platform. You can find a complete list of platforms here.

How to install Alitools

In order to use Alitools (for example, a browser extension or mobile application), you need to install it from the official store. We distribute Alitools only through official stores. If you installed Alitools from another source, we strongly recommend uninstalling and installing Alitools from the official store. The current list of platforms and official stores that Alitools cooperates with can be found here.

How Alitools makes money

Alitools receives a commission from partner stores when you follow Alitools affiliate links. For example, when you click on products in the search results in the "Alitools. Search for an item by image" function or in some other functions of Alitools. We only work directly with stores or with official partners of stores. This allows stores to pay us a commission for the actions performed (CPA).

It is thanks to this that Alitools:

  • was and will be free for users;
  • does not show third party advertisements to users;
  • does not sell user data to third parties.

How Alitools keeps your data safe

Alitools creates opportunities for profitable and secure online shopping. Alitools strives to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards. Only professional, competent and trustworthy people work for Alitools.

Alitools collects information about stores, about sellers inside these stores, information about products and prices for these products. Alitools also accumulates some anonymized user data:

  • user interaction with the interface of any of the Alitools platforms and information related to these interactions. Only thanks to this data can we make Alitools even better and more convenient.
  • product pages visits of some stores, for example, AliExpress, Amazon and others. This is necessary for the "History of goods visited" function to work.

We use cookies to enable the Alitools extension and the website to function properly. This is necessary for:

  • Authorization in the Alitools account.
  • Automatic detection of language, currency and country of delivery on AliExpress.

Third parties do not have access to any of the information described above.

We also make every possible effort to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing any information inside Alitools. To do this, we use modern encryption protocols and store information only on secure Amazon servers.

You can learn more about how Alitools processes data here.

Our guarantees and disclaimers

We use the highest commercially reasonable level of skill and attention to product quality and safety. We hope you enjoy using Alitools.

But there are certain things that we cannot guarantee and that we cannot influence.

  • we cannot guarantee the provision of information on all sellers, goods and prices. We make every effort to ensure that the information we provide about sellers, products and prices is as accurate as possible.
  • we cannot guarantee the operability and availability of platforms and individual functions 100% of the time. We make every effort to ensure that our platforms are available in the extension and app stores, and the functions are stable and smooth.
  • we cannot guarantee that the look and feel of Alitools will meet the expectations of each of our users. If you are not satisfied with something or you have something to offer — write to us.
  • the services we provide do not participate in any transactions, any disputes over transactions have nothing to do with us.
  • we are a completely independent company, not connected in any way with such stores as AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon and others.
  • all trademarks that are found in one form or another in Alitools belong to their owners. AliExpress is a trademark of, Inc. Alibaba is a trademark of, Inc.