Privacy Policy

Updated: October 15, 2019


The document describes the rules that guide the Alitools team in collecting, processing and storing data.

If you have any questions or comments after reading this policy, please write to: — we will respond.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your use of software products (hereinafter — the Service) developed by BDT GROUP Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter — Alitools or We). The Service currently includes:

  • Alitools (hereinafter the extension) for web browsers on desktop personal computers;
  • Alitools (Android and iOS apps) for mobile devices ;
  • the website (available at

We have developed these products in order to help our users to save time and money efficiently while choosing products on websites that interest them.

What data do we collect?

Information that the user provides to us

The service receives information from users during registration, synchronization and settings change. These features are optional.

When registering via email, we save your email and password hash.

When registering through social networks, we save public profile data of VK, Facebook or Google. Depending on the social network and your privacy settings, we can find out your email, name and surname, gender, date of birth, city and avatar.

When changing the extension settings, we save the currency and language.

Information Collected Automatically

The service receives information from users immediately after the start of use.

After installing the extension or mobile application, you are assigned a unique number, which is stored in your application or browser. All information is sent anonymously with reference to this number.

The specific list of data that the service collects depends on the URL or screen the user accesses:

  1. When accessing any URL that belongs to the Service:
    • IP address
    • Information about the browser, device and operating system (User Agent)
    • Language used
  2. When interacting with the Service:
    • product interface element display events
    • events of interaction with the product's functions
  3. When you open the pages of the AliExpress website:
    • page URL
    • price and characteristics of viewed goods
    • clicks on various interface elements
    • information about the purchased goods from the page "My orders"
    • affiliate cookie details
    • email that you used to register on the site
    • events of interaction with some elements of the site
  4. When you open the pages of popular online stores:
    • page URL
    • price and characteristics of viewed goods
    • events of interaction with some elements of the site
  5. When you open pages of sites directly or indirectly related to purchases on the Internet:
    • only the site domain without detailed URL parameters
    • events of the appearance of the extension interface (Search by image, Alitools Guide, Alitools Advisor)
    • events of interaction with the extension functionality

What data do we not collect?

We do not record personal information other than that indicated above.

We do not collect any information from your email.

We do not collect payment information, data on credit cards or bank accounts.

We do not read data from cookies that do not belong to the Service or AliExpress. We only edit cookies that belong to the domains of the Service.

How do we process the collected data?

Account registration and login

We use your email, password or social network profile to verify access rights when logging into your account.

The password you specified is saved only after conversion by the Bcrypt one-way encryption function and cannot be read even by us.


We use email and push notifications to:

  • send newsletters about sales and promotions on AliExpress;
  • notify about dropped prices;
  • conduct polls about new planned features in the Service;
  • inform about updates on the Service or about publishing a new version of the Agreement;
  • send other service and information messages;

This functionality can be disabled in the settings or by the "unsubscribe" link at the end of the letter.

Contact information collected automatically is used only for important information letter and is not used for promotional mailings.

Relevance of product characteristics

When you use AliExpress and some other popular online stores, we collect data on goods to maintain the relevance of prices and characteristics of goods.

This data is used to power the most of the functions:

  • price chart
  • price drop notifications
  • related products
  • and others

Browsing history

We analyze the URLs you visited and show the last products you viewed on AliExpress in the "Browsing History" widget.

Product Popularity

We use various methods to assess the popularity of goods and offers from different sellers to provide you with the best service.

To do this, we use:

  • facts of visiting product URLs
  • data from product pages
  • information about the purchased goods from the "My orders" page

Product popularity is used in our recommendation features:

  • Search by image
  • Product Search
  • Alitools Advisor
  • Seller Check

The popularity of online stores

We estimate the popularity of various online stores from our users.

For this, we collect the facts of opening a page on the store’s domain without collecting detailed information about the URL.

We use this data to improve our advisory features:

  • Search by image
  • Alitools Advisor

We also use this data to assess the prospects of developing new features.

Browser tabs

For the correct and accurate operation of the "View History", "Search by Image" and other functions, we analyze and process cases when several browser tabs are open simultaneously.

Interaction with the Service

When interacting with the functions of the Service, we collect data on screen views, clicks, and other analytical parameters. Using automated processing, we aggregate the above data and generate derived data about the preferences of our users when using the Service.

Error Information

When using the Service, errors, crashes, etc. may occur. We collect and analyze available information to implement a more reliable and uninterrupted service.

Unfair use of the service

We collect and analyze some identification data, such as IP, Device ID, etc., in order to prevent the use of the Service for purposes and methods contrary to the Agreement.

Do third parties see information received by the service, or have access to it?

We will transfer this information to third parties only in cases described in this privacy policy.

We may disclose information provided by a user or collected automatically:

  • in accordance with the requirements of the law on subpoena or similar legal process;
  • when we sincerely believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights or protect your safety or the safety of other users, or when investigating fraud or in response to a request from the Government;
  • to our trusted service providers who work on our behalf, but may not be able to use information provided independently to them, and who have agreed with us that they will abide by the rules set out in this privacy policy;
  • CPA and CPI to the partner networks with which Alitools cooperates on the basis of contracts and agreements, the performance of which is necessary or creates the prerequisites for the possibility of concluding and executing the Agreement with you and other Clients;
  • if we are involved in a merger, acquisition, or assets sale in whole or in part, you will be notified of any change in ownership or use of this information via email or through a prominent announcement on our website . We will always provide you with a choice. For example, you can refuse to provide your personal data to the service by fully and permanently deleting your account;
  • in conjunction with other data so that personal information is not disclosed, but the data is anonymized.

We use popular analytical and advertising tools. Each of them collects its data and has its own privacy policy. Make sure that you are familiar with and agree to the processing of your data:

What are my Opt-out rights?

You can stop our service collecting information from you by simply deleting your account and no longer visiting our website. Deleting an account takes place according to the standard features used by users of web browsers or mobile devices.

So you can control your personal information, we give you the opportunity to make changes in the settings of the account you hold with the service. Remember that making changes can involve blocking some important features.

Data retention and information management policies

We store user data and collect information about you automatically while you use our service. If you want us to delete your account and all data you have provided about yourself. please contact us at and we will respond within 96 hours. Note that only data you have provided will be deleted. Automatically collected data cannot be deleted, because they are part of the service and are necessary to keep all our services functioning properly.


We use cookies as well as other semi-permanent markers to identify users of the service. When you sign up as a user and create an account, your account is linked to the service's identification markers and synced with them. Your consent to the use of identifiers is needed to limit fraudulent and abusive use of our services.


We do not collect data or use services that are forbidden to children aged under 13 years. If parents or guardians become aware that a child has provided information to us without consent from adults, they should contact us at We will delete the information from our databases within 96 hours.


We care about protecting your information and keeping it private. We restrict access to information to our authorized employees and contractors who need to know such data in order to operate, develop and improve our service. Note that although we strive to maintain and ensure the safety of your personal information, no system can prevent violation of safety rules with absolute certainty.


This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. We will notify you in a timely manner of any changes to our privacy policy by posting updates on this page. It is recommended that you regularly consult our privacy policy and check the date of its renewal. Your continued use of our services constitutes your acceptance of the privacy policy. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can write to us at and we will reply to you within 96 hours.

Your consent

By using the service, you consent to the processing of your information as described in this privacy policy, and you also agree to our amendments. "Processing" means using cookies on your computer or portable device, collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining and disclosing information. All work with data may be conducted in any country of the world, because our offices are located in different countries around the world.

Contact us

If you have any questions relating to protecting your privacy while using the service, or if you have questions about our work, please contact us by email at We will respond to you within 96 hours. Thank you.